Biblioteca Video Fly tying Video - Single Wing Flatwing - From Tightline Productions

Video - Single Wing Flatwing - From Tightline Productions

Fly tying video. Flatwings are traditional Maine streamers with the wing feather tied in perpendicular to the hook, but it was Rhode Island striper guru Ken Abrames who first moved the horizontal hackle to the rear of the hook shank sometime in the late 1970s. Many saltwater patterns have incorporated this hackle orientation, and freshwater anglers have found that the same slinky, undulating action that makes Flatwings so attractive to stripers and such also works on bass, pike, and even trout. Really, there's no limit to the patterns you can create with this technique. In this great video from Tightline Productions, master tier Joe Cordeiro, author of Techniques for Tying the Flatwing Fly, offers a step-by-step lesson on tying his Single-Wing Flatwing. Hook: Eagle Claw L253, size 1/0. Thread: White Uni-Thread, 3/0. Tail: White bucktail, sparse and 2X shank length. Underwing: Olive Whiting Flat Wing Fly Hackle. Dubbing pillow: Fluff from base of hackle feather. Body: Bill's Bodi-Braid. Belly: White bucktail. Middle Wing: Yellow bucktail. Wing Flash: Silver Tinsel. Overwing: Olive bucktail. Topping: Peacock herls. Eyes: Jungle cock. Head: White thread and Sally Hansen Hard as Nails.


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Capt. Blake Matherly

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