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Video - Realistic dragonfly Nymph fly tying instruction

Atado realizado por Ruben Martin, imitacion realista de de una ninfa de dragon fly - Realistic dragon fly nymph tying instruction The dragonfly nymph ( Odonata , Anisoptera) are very common in areas of standing water with aquatic vegetation and have an important role in the diet of trout in those places. They are very common , but not usually found in boxes of fishermen , often ignored or minimized. Insects are a good size , usually measured 2-4 cm . Because of its significant size , in my experience this nymph imitations require a higher level of realism that imitations of small organisms. Las ninfas de Dragon (Odonata, Anisoptera) son muy frecuentes en zonas de aguas quietas con vegetacion acuatica y tienen un importante rol en la dieta de las truchas en esos lugares. Son muy frecentes, pero no lo son tanto en las cajas de los pescadores, los cuales suelen ignorarlas o restarles importancia. Son insectos de buen tamaño que normalmente miden de 2 a 4 cm. Debido a su importante tamaño, en mi experiencia las imitaciones requieren de un nivel de realismo mas alto que en imitaciones de organismos mas pequeños. hook: TMC 5262 o TMC 5263 Thread: UTC 70 olive, black ( i used white for better details in the film) Under Body: Monofilament same gross to the wire of the hook back: Nylon film Rib: clear monofilament o,20 o 0,23 mm abdomen, thorax and head: mixed natural dubbing whit sintetic dubbing...HareTron is my favorit . Olive and brown dark tones are the best. Legs: goose wing feather fibers, bleached and dyed. Opposing to the classical biots. painting mottled whit vitreaux laquer Eyes: monofilament 0.80 o 0.90 mm, burned wing case and head top: nylon film. NOTE: all nylon fil is painting with vitreaux laquer translucent olive or the color of your choice. Mas info en


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