Biblioteca Reporte de Pesca rivers and streams for marbles, rainbows and browns

rivers and streams for marbles, rainbows and browns

Desde: 05/12/2014
Hasta: 05/12/2014
Tipo de Agua: Agua dulce
Especies: Trucha arcoiris, Trucha marrón, Trucha marmorata
Dolomitic mountains part 1 I spent 2/3 fantastic days in one of the most beautiful place in italy. Wild browns, rainbows and marbles are the main fishes you can catch here. Dolomitic rivers and streams in fassa and fiemme valley, amazing place for flyfishing but also for trekking, look the incredible scenaries and make some good activities inside the nature... Exploring and guiding days in a stream flow in the middle of rocky mountain canyon, wood and wild nature everywhere around the stream. Fishes are not very big but in this case the size is not so important because the magnific scenary and places make the difference. Clear water, dry fly only, good hatches and rises, good actions are the must in this place. Only fly fishing and only catch&release. 8'5" for #4/#5 and dry fly, always. Email me at: for more info!


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Nate Bailey

Nate Bailey

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