Limay River

Destino: Limay River
Desde: 01/12/2015
Hasta: 01/12/2015
Tipo de Agua: Agua dulce
Especies: Trucha marrón
I went fishing to the famous Limay River outlet (mouth) and stayed there for several hours. It was hard! When there were only 15 minutes of remaining light, I had a taka just to say "Here I am", but still I went back home without any fish out of the water.

Today is the first day of 2015 and even with a little alcohol in blood after the celebrations I'm back for another chance. I started fishing around 3pm standing on the famous Baruzzi rock, but after a while the wind was to heavy so I began to wade downstream. While I was trying to fix a knot in my amnesia (running line), my fly was a few meters downstream and a little brown of half a kilo took it. I continued to wade to the bridge very slowly and nothing happened. So I thought: I'll take some "mates" in the car and wait until sunset t Ver más...


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