Biscayne Bay

Destino: Biscayne Bay
Desde: 04/06/2015
Hasta: 04/06/2015
Tipo de Agua: Agua salada
Especies: Bonefish
The weather has been very cooperative lately in SW Florida. I had a day off and decided to wade fish for bonefish near my house in Miami. We had a good incoming tide at mid afternoon and we had a lot of shots at bonefish. Most of them were very spooky in high light conditions but a few decided to try a new fly my friend Facundo had tied called the Assasin Pom pom. It works wonders and I will try it on Permit as well. We fished two hours and caught 3 bonefish, all very strong and healthy.


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Damien Brouste

Damien Brouste

Guía - Nueva Caledonia

Trucha marrón, Carpa, Bonefish