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Shenks White Streamer

Simplicity is the key to most fishing.  How much simpler can one get than to find an all-white fly, that is so easy to tie, that even I - a completely incompetent fly-tier - can tie one.  But not only tie it, but do so on the bank of a stream with only a hemostat as a vice!  It just d Ver más...
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Shenks White Streamer
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RecipeHook: Tiemco 300R (Size 4-8) 4XL Hook      NOTE: Tiemco hook type and sizes aboveThread: 6/0 White UniTail: White Maribou or Ostrich HerlBody: White Rabbit Hair (Dubbing Loop)    NOTE: Avoid the temptation to use Chenille .. Stick w/ the Rabbit; nothing else works as good! Weight: None   NOTE:  A tip on tying this fly from my fishing buddy and colleague, Joe Cornwall ( - gives this fly a bit of subsurface effectiv Ver más...

Paso 1

A great All-around fly.  Either tied w/ color dyed feathers, rabbit fur, color specific thread or use of color-fast dye pens.  Easily tied at the bench or on the stream.

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