Ibera Lodge

Argentina Esteros del Iberá, Mercedes, Corrientes, Argentina



Iberá Lodge was conceived with a unique architectural design, taking advantage of the natural resources of the area by using native materials and following the typical colonial country style of the construction of Corrientes. These characteristics, along with the quality and comfort of each of its room,s make Iberá Lodge an exclusive place to relax and enjoy every corner of the marshes. It is located 60 km from the city of Mercedes, Corrientes, in the heart of Ibera Natural Reserve.

The word "Ibera" consists of two words from the Guarani language, “ Î " - water , " Bera " - bright, or bright water as they were called by the Guarani, original inhabitants of the area . The waters of this region are shallow (between 1 and 3 meters), permanent or semi-permanent, with little fr View more...


Boga, Caquetaia umbrifera, Catfish, Golden Dorado, Oligosarcus, Piabanha, Piranha, Sabalo, Shad, Wolf Fish

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Esteros del Iberá, Mercedes, Corrientes, Argentina

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