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Fuck. Design is all about fucking relationships—the relationship of form and content, the relationship of elements, the relationship of designer and user. Dedicate yourself to lifelong fucking learning. Must-do is a good fucking master. Don’t fucking lie to yourself. Intuition is fucking important. If you fucking give up, you will achieve nothing. Don’t get hung up on things that don’t fucking work. Design as if your fucking life depended on it. A good fucking composition is the result of a hierarchy consisting of clearly contrasting elements set with distinct alignments containing irregular intervals of negative space. While having drinks with Tibor Kalman one night, he told me, “When you make something no one hates, no one fucking loves it.” Respect your fucking craft. You ne View more...


Amberjack, Bluefish - Tailor - Shad, Dogtooth tuna or White tuna, Altai Osman , Amago, Arapaima

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Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires, Argentina

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