Miguel Angel Marino

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Argentina lasnljasjl, askndlajsljal, Armenia


I'm Miguel Marino , guide and owner of "Dream Rivers" a small business in which we work very personalized way. I was born in the city of Mar del Plata and my passion for fly fishing , the beautiful places where live trout radicarme definitely prompted me in San Martin de los Andes , an area next to Junin de los Andes , are the best wild trout fishing rivers. In this area, you could say that is born the history of fly fishing in Argentina , with the Traful rivers , Chimehuin , Malleo , Limay among others, which gave him worldwide fame to this mysterious place on the planet, known as "Patagonia"

Most of our clients come to us through recommendations from other fishermen who visited us, as most repeaters still using our services.

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Landlocked Salmon, Rainbow trout, Brook trout, Brown trout

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lasnljasjl, askndlajsljal, Armenia