Privacy Policy

Fly dreamers is interested in sharing information about fly fishing and everything that fishing entails for those of us who love performing this activity. It is important to us, that users get to know our privacy policy and based on that, they can decide what information to share and with whom and what happens when sharing information through Fly dreamers.

This privacy policy is governed by the provisions outlined in the terms and conditions established in the web site (hereinafter T&C). Before reading this privacy policy, you have to read and accept the T&C.

Defined terms. The terms in capital letters which are not defined in the herein privacy policy shall have the same meaning as that given in the T&C.

Application. This privacy policy does not apply to entities beyond Fly dreamers control or which are not the property of Fly dreamers, including web sites and applications used in our platform. Should you use or access to Fly dreamers, you will be accepting the privacy policies herein defined.

Objective. One of the main objectives of Fly dreamers is to share the content with other users of the fishing community , that is to say, update your status, upload a photo or video, share a link, follow a fisherman, create an event, post a comment, write on someone’s wall, write a note or send a message. In case you do not want us to save the metadata related to the content you share in Fly dreamers, such as pictures, please refrain from uploading them. Also, it allows you to buy fishing items; search and offer fishing destinations and fishing services.

Information. You can register your name, surname, e-mail, and date of birth, add an avatar photo and register the typical information that is required to access a social network. In some cases, we may request additional information due to safety reasons o to offer you specific services. Once you are registered, you can provide other types of information, such as your fishing activity, the location where you fish, details and experiences. You can also indicate your city of origin, the place you live, activities, interests and other places of interest.

Information about your transactions. Eventually, we can save the information about your transactions or payment that you conduct through Fly dreamers.

Information about fishermen and friends. We offer you tools to import contacts and thus help you upload fishermen and friends´ addresses so that you can find them in Fly dreamers and, also, invite those contacts who do not use Fly dreamers yet. In any case, we shall save e-mail passwords of the user who is importing contacts.

Information we compile when you interact with Fly dreamers

Information about your activity on the web site. We have informatics tools that enable us to follow the activities you conduct in Fly dreamers, such as follow fishermen, or see which fishermen follow you, add connections (even add a friend), create a photo album and connect to an application. If you share a video, for example, we not only store the real content of the video you have updated but also register the fact that you have shared it.

Access to the information about your device and browser. When you access to Fly dreamers from a PC, mobile phone, or any other device, we can obtain information from the said device or browser type, location, IP address, and web pages you visit from inside the web.

Cookies. We make use of cookies, that is to say, the data we store on your computer, mobile phone, or any other device for a long period so that Fly dreamers can be easy to use, the advertisements better and to protect you and Fly dreamers. We also use cookies to confirm you are connected to Fly dreamers and to know when you interact with applications and web sites of Fly dreamers platform, our widgets, sharing buttons and our ads. You can block or eliminate the cookies through your browser configuration. However, in certain cases, it can affect the capacity of the use of Fly dreamers.

Information about third parties. We can establish different programs with advertisement partners and other web sites in which said parties share information with us: We can request our advertisers to tell us how Fly dreamers users have responded to the ads we show them, and for the sake of comparison, how other users who have not seen the ads responded in their web site. This comparison will help us to measure how effective our advertisements are and to improve the quality of the ads you see.

We can request our advertisers to tell us how Fly dreamers users have responded to the ads we show them, and for the sake of comparison, how other users who have not seen the ads responded in their web site. This comparison will help us to measure how effective our advertisements are and to improve the quality of the ads you see.

We can receive information about what you have or have not seen, or if you have interacted with specific ads of some other web sites to measure the effectiveness of said ads.

We can compile information about you from other Fly dreamer’s users, such as when a fisherman follows you as a fisherman. The information collected in the customer database is the exclusive property of the professional profile owner.

The information collected in the customer database is the exclusive property of the professional profile owner.

Sharing information in Fly dreamers

In this section, it is explained how the configuration of privacy works and how information in Fly dreamers is shared. Before sharing information in Fly dreamers, you must take into account the configuration of privacy.

Name and profile photo. Fly dreamers have been created in such a way that you find it simple to find and connect with others. That is why your name and profile photo lack the configuration of privacy. In case you do not want to share your profile photo, you can eliminate it or abstain from adding one. Should you fail to have a photo in your profile, Fly dreamers will replace it by an avatar or other, at Fly dreamers' discretion.

Contact information. The configuration of your contact information, which is available in the configuration of privacy, controls who can contact you in Fly dreamers, and who can see your contact information, such as your e-mail address.

We strongly advise that you always read the web sites policies and third parties applications to make sure you agree with how they use the information you share with them. Fly dreamers can not guarantee that these sites or applications will apply our rules. Should you find any web site or application which violates our rules, please tell us about said violations.

Advertisements. On certain occasions, the advertisers that advertise in Fly dreamers may use technological methods to measure the effectiveness of their ads and to personalize the ad content. You can use the cookies configuration of your browser to limit or avoid cookies by ad networks. Fly dreamers do not share with the advertisers' information which could allow them to identify you personally unless you provide us with authorization.

Links. When you click on some Fly dreamers links, you may be taken out of our web site. We are not liable for the privacy policies of other web sites, and we encourage you to read the privacy policies.

How we use your information.

We use the information we gather to offer you a safe, effective and personalized experience. Following, you will find some information about how we do it:

To administer the service. We use the information we gather to offer you our services and functions, to assess and improve them and provide you with technical support. Likewise, we use some technological systems to detect and take care of anomalous activities and content to avoid abuses, such as junk e-mail. These activities can cause, on certain occasions, the end, or temporal or permanent suspension of some functions to some users.

To contact you. Occasionally, we can contact you seeking to inform you about ads related to the services. You can opt not to receive any notification; except for the basic updates in the page of accounts notifications.

To offer personalized ads. We do not share information about you with our advertisers without your consent. If you ask Fly dreamers to provide an advertiser with your shipping address to receive a free sample, for example, that constitutes an example of your consent. We allow advertisers to choose the characteristics of those users who see their ads and we can use any of the information gathered which does not identify our users, -such as the information you have decided not to show to other users, for example, the year of birth- to select the appropriate audience for said ads. For example, we can take advantage of your interest in fishing rods to show you ads about them, but we do not inform the company which sells said equipment who you are. You can check the criteria available for the advertisers to select by visiting our advertisements page. Even though we do not share your information with our advertisers without your consent, when you click on an ad or interact in any way with the advertisers, there is a chance that advertisers place a cookie on your browser and register that you comply with the criteria selected.

To offer you social ads. When the time comes, we can match the ads we offer you with the relevant information we have about you so that ads be more interesting and best suited to your needs.

To make suggestions. We can eventually use your information, including those addresses you import through the import of contacts tools, to make you and other Fly dreamers’ users’ suggestions.

To help other fishermen to find you. We allow other users to use the information of contact they may have about you, such as the e-mail address, to find you, even using the import and search of contacts. You can prevent other users from using their e-mail address to find you in your search section located in the configuration of privacy.

Downloadable Software. Some applications of the downloadable software and applets we offer, such as the tool to upload photos, transfer our data. We may not make any formal statement if we believe that the compiling and use of the information from our part has the clear objective of such application, for example, the act of receiving photos when using the tool to upload photos. If we believe it is not clear that we are compiling nor using said information, we will let you know the first time you provide us with the information, so that you can decide whether you want or not to use that function.

How we share the information

Fly dreamers are based on sharing information with other fishermen, friends, and acquaintances, but at the same time, you are offered the configuration of privacy tools to limit the access of other users to your information. We share your information with third parties when we believe that such action is allowed by you, or is reasonably necessary to offer our services, or when required by law. For example:

When you make payment. In case you decide to carry out commercial transactions with other people or payments in Fly dreamers, we will only share the transaction information with the third parties necessary to complete said commercial transaction. In case this happens, we request third parties to respect the privacy of such information.

When you invite a fisherman friend to join Fly dreamers. When you request us to invite a friend fisherman to join Fly dreamers, we will send him a message on your behalf, making use of your name. The invitation may also contain information about other users whom your friend might well know. Likewise, we will send him up to two reminders of your name. If your friend does not want us to keep his information, we will eliminate such at your request on this help page.

When you choose to share information with merchants. You can choose to share information with merchants or providers of electronic shops, which are not associated with Fly dreamers, trough the sales of the web site. Should you decide to so, it will be at your discretion and we will not provide said merchants with your information unless you state otherwise.

To help other fishermen and friends to find you. We include certain information that you have placed in your profile in the search results of Fly dreamers to help other fishermen and friends to find you. However, through our configuration of privacy, you control who can see your information and who can find you in a given search. We also help courier companies’ providers and e-mail providers to identify which of their contacts are Fly dreamers users, so that we can advertise Fly dreamers to those users.

To give search engines access to information publicly available. In general, we do not limit the access of search engines to our web site. We may allow them to have access to the general wall or the general section alike and to the information of your profile which is visible for everyone. You can change the “visible” information in your profile in the section configuration of privacy. You can also prevent search engines from putting your profile an index format in the configuration of privacy of the applications and web sites.

TTo help improving or to foster our service. Sometimes we share aggregated data or anonymous information with third parties to improve or foster our service. However, we do it in such a way that no user can be identified, not link him/her with any information or specific action.

To provide our services. We can provide information to service providers who enable us to make the service we offer easier. For instance, we can use third parties to host our web site, send updates about Fly dreamers by e-mail, and eliminate information related to our users' list, process payments, or offer links or search results –which include advertised links-. These providers may have access to your personal information for a limited period and when this happens, we establish technical and contractual protection systems to limit the use of such information for the sole and only purpose they accomplish for us to offer the service.

To advertise our services. We can request advertisers, who have nothing to do with Fly dreamers, to show ads to advertise our services. We can ask them to do so through the use of a cookie. However, when doing so, we will not share any other information with the advertiser.

To offer you joint services. We can provide you services jointly with some other companies, such as the classified advertisement of Fly dreamers. Nonetheless, we will identify the partner and present him/her with the privacy policy of joint service providers before he/she uses such a service.

Editing your profile. You can change or eliminate your profile information at any moment.

How we Project your information

We do our best to keep your information safe, but we need your help.

Measures are taken to keep your information safe. We take automated measures to increase safety, such as the analysis of the activity in your account just in case there was any fraudulent or strange behavior. We may also limit the use of certain functions of the web site as a consequence of abuses, we may eliminate improper content or illegal links and we may suspend or block accounts if there were violations to our Declaration of rights and responsibilities.

Risks connected to sharing information. Even though you are allowed to define the privacy options which limit access to your information, you should take into account that no safety measure is perfect. We can (not) control the actions of those fishermen you share information with. We can not guarantee that only those who are part of Fly dreamers can see your information. We can not guarantee that the information you share in Fly dreamers will not be publicly available. We are not responsible if a third party infringes on the configuration of privacy or safety measures in Fly dreamers. You can reduce such risks by adopting safety habits which are just common sense, such as choosing safety passwords, using different passwords for different services and use updated antivirus software.

Informing violations. You should inform us of any violation of the safety on the help page.

Consent to gather and process information. When using Fly dreamers, you give us your consent to transfer and process your personal information/data by Fly dreamers in Argentina.

Hereinbelow we transcribe the way personal data is handled by our T&C.

Personal Information

Authorization. The User authorizes FLYDREAMERS, under the Argentine act 25.326 to use the personal data to develop the site, including but not limited to receiving ads and promotions and the new services of the site.

Transfer. The user authorizes, under Argentine act 25.326, to transfer the personal data uploaded to the site to develop the site and implement the site’s services. In addition to this, the user authorizes the transfer of his or her data and Content to other countries to be stored and processed by Fly dreamers or any subcontractor for the provision of services.

Statement. The user herein accepts that the contents uploaded to the web site can be seen by all the users. The user declares having been informed about the Argentine act 25.326 and its optional nature together with the possibility of exercising the right to access, rectification and suppression of the above-mentioned data.

Notices. Fly dreamers can send you notifications, including those related to the contents´ changes, through e-mail, post, or publication in the services.

Personal Information Protection. In compliance with legal requirements and following the Dirección Nacional de Protección de Datos Personales provisions, we herein clarify the following: provisions, we herein clarify the following:

“The proprietor of the personal information is entitled to exercise his/her right to such freely within a period no than six months, except that legitimate interest is proven, under section 14, subsection 3 of Act 25.326”.

La Dirección Nacional de Datos Personales, eentity which controls the Act 25.326, is conferred with the powers to process complaints and claims which interfere with the compliance of the rules related to personal information protection”.

Contact. Should you need to contact the Dirección Nacional de Protección de Datos Personales, please do so at:

Sarmiento 1118, 5º piso (C1041AAX) Tel. 4383-8510/12/13/15