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Red Humpy Dry Fky

This is another fly that every fly fisherman must consider when stocking his dry fly box before a trip. The story of this fly goes back to the 40´s when it was named “Algonquin” and used by northern Michigan Indians. A few decades later, this fly was refined and acquired different names such as View more...
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Red Humpy
List of materials
MATERIALSHook: Mustad 94840 or similar, sizes from #8 to #18.Thread: 8/0, Brown or black.Tail: Moose hair.Abdomen: Red floss.Abdomen cover (overbody): Elk hair.Wings: Elk hair tips, used for the overbody section.Hackle: Dark brown.

Step 1

Tie the tail of the fly. Its length should be equivalent to the hook shank, going halfway from the hook shank to its bend.

Fly tying - Red Humpy - Step 1

Step 2

Even out some elk hair. Its length should cover the section going from the hook eye to the tail end.

Fly tying - Red Humpy - Step 2

Step 3

Tie the elk hair strap right where the tail was tied, and up to where the tail begins.

Fly tying - Red Humpy - Step 3

Step 4

Shape up the abdomen with floss.

Fly tying - Red Humpy - Step 4

Step 5

Take the elk strap to the front of the fly, without dragging the tail hair, and tie it on the hook shank.

Fly tying - Red Humpy - Step 5

Step 6

Separate the elk hair tips evenly. Then wrap these with thread, at their base. This should make the V-shaped wings.

Fly tying - Red Humpy - Step 6

Step 7

Pick a feather with fibers as long as 1 ½ hook gapes. Trim some millimeters off at the base so that it isn’t loose when wrapped.

Fly tying - Red Humpy - Step 7

Step 8

Tie the feather behind the wings.Wrap the feather from the back all the way up to the hook eye. Trim, whip finish and cement.

Fly tying - Red Humpy - Step 8

Step 9

View from below.

Fly tying - Red Humpy - Step 9

Step 10

View from above.

Fly tying - Red Humpy - Step 10


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