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Favorite Pellet

Pellets are nymphs designed to sink rapidly due to its tungsten head, much heavier than bronze or lead. The smooth body offers no resistance to water and its conic head with prominent thorax is enough to perfectly imitate the body of natural nymphs. Tungsten allows small pellets to reach depths that View more...
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Favorite Pellet
List of materials
MaterialsHook: competition Partridge, Dohiku or Castor. 10 to 16 size, generally. I use the Partridge Ideal Nymph too, longer, making the body look good.Thread: 8/0, orange, fluorescent.Head: Real Eyes by Flymen Company,3.2 mm, copper color on tungsten(a must).Underbody: tying thread.Tail: Coq de Leon fibers or common bluedun rooster.Body: Microbraid, peacock color, or2 twisted peacock Krystal Flash fibers. Many fine iridescent materials can beused, they should just remain smooth and flat.C View more...

Step 1

Make a base with the tying thread to fix the head.

Fly tying - Favorite Pellet  - Step 1

Step 2

Fit the Flymen head with some cianoacrilate glue. Tie some coq de leon fibers as a tail, from 3 to 12 is the right amount for these flies.

Fly tying - Favorite Pellet  - Step 2

Step 3

Fix a microbraid section with the thread, leave a space at the back for some color. Shape the body as a cone as shown in the picture.

Fly tying - Favorite Pellet  - Step 3

Step 4

Wrap the microbraid shaping the pellet fly. Tie the body before reaching the head so as to add another color strip.

Fly tying - Favorite Pellet  - Step 4

Step 5

Finished fly.

Fly tying - Favorite Pellet  - Step 5


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