Library Video Fly tying Video - Trico Spinner - By Tightline Productions

Video - Trico Spinner - By Tightline Productions

Fly Tying Video: Trico Spinner. Tricos are tiny mayflies that belong to the genus Tricorythodes. The females hatch in the morning, while the males usually hatch at dark. But anglers really love the spinnerfalls, which usually happen not long after the morning hatch. Standing in the river and waiting for the first spinners to hit the water is what angling anticipation is all about. Because you know that when those flies start dropping, the trout will start rising. In this video from Tim Flagler of Tightline Productions ties a Trico Spinner pattern authored by Eric Stroup. Hook: 2X-short emerger hook (e.g. Dai-Riki #125), size 20. Thread: Black, 8/0 or 70 denier. Wing: Snowshoe-rabbit-foot hair. Head: Tying thread.


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