Library Fishing Report Trebuščica river

Trebuščica river

From: 05/18/2015
To: 05/18/2015
Type of Water: Freshwater
Species: Marble Trout
Two days flyfishing for marble trout
When flyfishing i always prefer fishing for marble trout. You can not expact cathching marble trouts in large numbers, but you can expact ig fish if you are lucky enough.
So we did it with friends first day on Trebuščica river and second day at Soča and Lepena river. Majority of time fishing is really tough, it is more like hunting for a single fish, but we like challange and this is it.
First day at Trebuščica river we were lucky and we caught big mama app 70cm marble trout with heavy jig muddler. Just ater release we caught another one on a small may fly, the fish was app 45 cm, but very nice marbeled pattern.
Second day we fished Soča and Lepena river. We had also pretty tough fishing, because fish were so timid. We still managed to catch View more...


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Ruben Martin

Ruben Martin

Fly Tying instructor, Casting instructor - Argentina