Library Fishing Report The Route of the Spring Creeks

The Route of the Spring Creeks

From: 11/22/2014
To: 11/26/2014
Type of Water: Freshwater
Species: Brown trout, Brook trout
What once was just a talk with my family is becoming a dream come true! "The Route of the Spring Creeks" is already beggining and definetively is a new program for people that visit south Patagonia.
From Denmark, Soren brothers became addicts to this spring creek fishing.

Some of the facts of this first group of the season:

*A lot of water to fish and some of it has not been fished before, that showed a tremendous quality of the fish in some spots.
*Big brooks are no easy to catch but they are there. The biggest brook caught was almost 3 kilos.
*Browns genetic is quite amazing, some of them look like sea runs. No red spots, some blue in the chicks and a lot of power. They were tempted on big chernos and caddis.
*Wine and food were absolutely aproved by our danish friends. Pe View more...


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