Library Fishing Report South Florida Exotics

South Florida Exotics

From: 04/21/2015
To: 04/21/2015
Type of Water: Freshwater
Species: Peacock Bass, Carp, Pacu, Sunfish, Jaguar Guapote
Freshwater report in not so sunny Miami, Florida USA today. As we near sunset, skies are very overcast and some much needed rain fell earlier with lite trickles throughout the day, not nearly enough as most canal systems are several feet low but we will take it.

As springs is nearing it's end and summer rears his ugly head, the temps are rising and so is the humidity. So it feels like. If you're traveling to south Florida and aren't familiar with the weather, it can be brutal this time of year til late fall or even through winter, or lack of one.

Drink plenty of fluids the night before and during that day's fishing to avoid heat exhaustion or worst. If you're not feeling well and have a headache, than you are already heat exhausted.

Indigenous banyon trees are dropping their be View more...


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