Place: Soča
From: 12/11/2014
To: 12/11/2014
Type of Water: Freshwater
Species: Rainbow trout, Brown trout, Lake trout, Grayling , Marble Trout, Danube Salmon - Hucho Hucho
Flyfishing in Slovenia

From the perspective of a fishing guide i try to teach people how to re-cast, how to nimph, how the fish takes etc. Flyfishing in Slovenia with me as a fishing guide can be pretty much different as you are used to fish by yourself. No doubt that in Slovenia we have big natural fish and also endemic species like marble trout or adriatic grayling. It is not easy to catch them, therefore, i teach techniques how to sneak up on the fish back, that they do not notice you. That is key to successful flyfishing in Slovenia. So flyfishing with me can be really great adventure for beginners or for skilled flyfishermen.

Flyfishing for the marble trout is one of most exciting and also most challenging flyfishing for trouts. Marble trout is an endemic species found in Slo View more...


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Maki Caenis

Maki Caenis

Guide, Fly Tying instructor, Casting instructor - Japan