Library Fishing Report Santa Cruz Steelhead

Santa Cruz Steelhead

From: 04/02/2014
To: 04/02/2014
Type of Water: Freshwater
Species: Steelhead
*Notes on how to prepare for the most unique river in Patagonia, by Claudio Martin.

The weather during fall is usually calm with a lack of strong wind (most common during Spring) and slightly cool. Its mid morning in one of those days fishing with friends when we make it to the first pool. Line is pulled out of the reel for the very first cast of the day, rolled it and let go… it swings slowly as the fly sinks and swims across this mean large eddy when a huge colored male hits it hard and immediately shows in the air!
Considered by many the ultimate Steelhead challenge, fishing for Steelhead in the mighty Santa Cruz River is every time a soul touching experience. The river has a still unknown number of fish running up river e View more...


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Rodrigo Amadeo

Rodrigo Amadeo

Guide, Casting instructor - Argentina