Río Grande

From: 02/21/2015
To: 02/28/2015
Type of Water: Freshwater
Species: Sea-Trout
We had another group of repeating anglers this week at La Villa; Jim R., Mark B., John D. from the USA, Steve W. from Scotland and Jon S. from Syria. Unfortunately Fred M. couldn't make it this year and cancelled due to health issues. We are glad to hear that he is better now. On behalf of the guides and staff we hope that he gets well soon.

Fishing improved at la Villa de Maria Behety this week. In fact it was one of the best weeks of the season. The water temperature was between 7° and 14° C (45° F - 52°F)
The weather was rainy the first couple days and the river rose about 15cm (6 inches), but the water remained crystal clear. After this, the weather was rather nice with temperatures between 22° and 3° C (72° F – 37° F)

Steve W. from Scotland was the top rod with 30 View more...


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La Villa de Maria Behety

La Villa de Maria Behety

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