Library Fishing Report Estancia Río Pelke - The Route of the Spring Creeks

Estancia Río Pelke - The Route of the Spring Creeks

From: 01/19/2015
To: 01/24/2015
Type of Water: Freshwater
Species: Brown trout, Brook trout
An Argentina lover and good spanish speaker, Mr. Lars Ivarsson was joining me and my family for the Route of the spring Creeks. Lars is one of the most relaxed fisherman I know, and at the same time a person that is very interested on learning about our patagonic culture. So half of the time we were trying to get some fish and after that training spanish with parents and brother. It was definitely one of the most warm weeks of the season, up to 30 degrees without wind, ugly horse flies trying to bite you!

We started with sight fishing in Pelke river. When there is no wind and the water is so clear you just pick the fishes in the pools. It was very nice to see how they behaved with different patterns. Brownies were very keen on terrestrials on death drift, and brooks prefered moving patt View more...


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