Library Fishing Report Estancia Río Pelke - The Route of the Spring Creeks

Estancia Río Pelke - The Route of the Spring Creeks

From: 01/11/2015
To: 01/16/2015
Type of Water: Freshwater
Species: Brown trout, Brook trout
Our "Film Week" hosted by the talented film producer and great caster Cesar de la Hoz had arrived. Cesar along Pepe and Aitor Coteirón, all from Spain were visiting my place to make a fishing week and produce a film for spanish tv.

We travelled an hour from Gallegos to Estancia Río Pelke. The language is an advantage when it comes to this Route. My parents were the stars of this trip. Pepe from the Vasc country felt an immediate empathy for my father Pedro, who as a gaucho had millions of stories. I must say that sharing a week of intense fishing and a lot of laugh is the kind of things that keep me working as a guide through the years

We started on Pelke, dry flies with spanish techniques. I must confess that I was watching and learning a lot from this guys. The way they fish dea View more...


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