Library Fishing Report Estancia Río Pelke - The Route of the Spring Creeks

Estancia Río Pelke - The Route of the Spring Creeks

From: 04/01/2014
To: 04/07/2014
Type of Water: Freshwater
Species: Brown trout, Brook trout
First week of the season 2014 started with some english friends. A coupple that I used to to guide in Gallegos river for many years. David Roby is a very talented caster and an unstoppable walker. Sarah is a charming lady who loves horse ridding everywhere she has the chance. Both have visited Patagonia for the last 9 years experiencing every landscape we have down here, and this time their trip was ending in my family´s estancia, Río Pelke.

January was hot in the beggining, with the temperature reaching 25°, but fortunately the water level is always in perfect condition for that part of the season. I picked them up in Las Buitreras lodge and arrived to my place at 11 am. After they met my family, Pedro, Fernanda and Tomas (my younger brother) we start fishing the closer beat, just View more...


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