Professional Taimen Tours Outfitter. Fly-fishing trips & expeditions in Mongolia. - Own camps and lodges across northern Mongolia, from the high Altai Mountains in the West, to the green hills of Manchuria in the East, 9 fishing camps in total.
- Specialized in fishing for trophy-class Taimen, Lenok Trout, Mongolian Grayling, Altai Osman, and Spotted Amur Pike. The first and oldest Taimen outfitter in Mongolia, with more than 20 years of experience and reputation in the country, and with own offices in Ulaan Baatar, the Czech Republic, and in Germany.


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Description (Camp Altai, Altai Mountains, Mongolia)

We are fishing in Mongolia for more than 20 years and from our 9 camps across the northern provinces, - from the high Altai Mountains in the West, through the wild Eastern Sayan Mountains in the North, to the green hills of endless Manchuria in the East ...

The Altai Mountains, home to large and endemic fish species, belong to the least known mountain ranges of the continent, and to our knowing, these remote rivers and lakes have never been fished before by any western sportsmen, until the spring of 2014, the year of the horse ...

Our encampment for fishing Giant Mongolian Grayling and massive Altai Osman Bass is situated at the bank of a wild river, connecting two large mountain lakes, in the middle of a vast National Park and underneath the "Eternal Blue Sky" of Mongolia.


Camp Altai, Altai Mountains, Mongolia

Photos (15)

Fishing for Altai Osman at a lake in the National Park of the Altai Mountains
Mongolian Giant Grayling from a wild river in the high Altai Mountains
Our seasonal fishing encampment for Osman and Grayling in the spring season of the Altai Mountains, western Mongolia,
Traditional accommodation in native yurta-gers for seasonal camps in the short spring season.
Warm and comfortable accomodation with plenty of space for the fly-fisherman and his equipment.
Altai birds of prey visiting our camp daily, looking for food and entertainment.
Young Altai Osman Bass on fly, from the mouth of small river into a deep mountain lake.
Deep Altai Mountain lake nearby our encampment, still covered with ice in early June.
Prime fishing grounds for the elusve Giant Mongolian Predator Grayling.
Fly-fishing a fast-flowing Altai river at the opening of spring season.
The Mongolian Predator Grayling "Thymallus brevirostris Kessler" in the trophy-class of 65 cm plus.
The first American fly-fisherman ever in the Altai Mountains, at our encampment in a vast Mongolian National Park, spring 2014.
A Mongolian Predator Grayling in the record-class of 75 cm plus.
Good Altai Osman Bass on fly for a skillful fly-fisherman from Italy.
Record-class Mongolian Predator Grayling of 78 cm from the lake at our Altai Camp.