Pochy Tarpon Hombre

The season is on and many customers come to tray Tarpon on Fly for first time

4 Tips for Getting Better Hookups With Tarpon

1. Keep your rod tip on the water and always point it in the direction of your fly line and fly during your retrieve.Not pointing your rod tip at your fly line and fly often results in adding unwanted slack between you and the fish. This small amount of slack will increase your chances of not getting a solid hook set. You also will find it hard to feel the bite.

2. Use a 100% strip set when setting the hook.You can apply far more pressure and power in a hook set with a firm strip set than you can with the fly rod. Many novice saltwater anglers make the mistake of thinking the power comes from the fly rod.

3. Set the hook multiple times for better hook penetration.When a tarpon eats from left or right often a single hook set will be adequate because a lot of the time the weight of the fish moving aids in setting the hook. However, when you have a tarpon eating and moving at you it’s important to hit the fish multiple times while taking up slack between hook sets. This will help maintain constant tension with the fish.

4. Make sure you set the hook hard enough.Don’t be afraid to hit the tarpon extra hard. With their hard boney mouths it’s crucial to get adequate power in your hook set to ensure you get full penetration to the barb.