A new edition of an already popular line with the InTouch Trout LT.

Many fisheries require delicate presentations to fool trout, so RIO added ConnectCore Technology to the popular Trout LT line with theInTouch Trout LT. The long, fine taper of this line allows light presentations and effortless roll casts while fishing small dry and soft hackle flies. RIO’s ultra-low stretch ConnectCore increases sensitivity for better cast timing, easier line lift, and sharp, precise mends as well as enhanced detection of subtle takes and faster hook sets.

Available in both weight forward and double taper profiles from 3-weight through 6-weight, the InTouch Trout LT also features MaxFloat Tip, MaxCast and AgentX technology to further improve its performance. The SureFire color system applies beige, gray and sage coloring to help gauge exact distances with a quick glance. Each line comes with RIO’s EasyID Tag to quickly identify the weight and taper and can be found at any RIO dealer for $89.95.