An all to common practice among fly fisherman is what I like to call "the death grip".

Recently I had been talking to some of my fly fishing mates about how they handle Trout when trying to get a good snap shot, They were not intentionally miss handling the Trout, they just didn't know any better.

Far to often you see people miss handling fish whether it be dragging them onto the riverbank, putting their fingers into the gill area, having the fish out of the water too long...............the list is long! To some these are obvious but there is one that people far to often miss "the death grip". It makes sense that if we are going to practice catch and release that we do it in a manner that the trout actually survives after we release it, This means you will not only be able to catch the same fish another day but  you also give others the same opportunity and enjoyment you got! This week I was sent an article that has some really good insight to the matter, so wanted to get the info out there! 

Please read the article in the link below

So go enjoy yourself, get a bend in your rod and take care of the fish that make us Fly Fishing addicts. Cheers Jeremy