El señor Blake ve a estar tres meses con este servidor aprendiendo dos cosas a pescar los Sabalos (tarpon) y a hablar español .Durante su estadia conostros el estaremos enseñando el arte de la pesca del sabalo. El dinero que se le otorgo para ayudarlo con esta azaña es para sus gastos de pasajes y comida.Blake ha sido invitado por nosotros a descubrir la fabulosa pesca del rey plateado su siguiente destino Chile o Argentina estamos tratando de buscar algunos contactos en esos paises que lo ayuden con su azaña de tener interes me dejan saber o se pueden comunicar con Blake a su email.Blake Davis <sblakedavis@gmail.com>

Blake Davis, College of the Atlantic
Self-employed since he entered high school, Blake was making and selling handcrafted fly-fishing lures before he could drive. He has had numerous news articles and photos published in Maine, where he attended College of the Atlantic as an undergraduate student. In 2010 he received a Kathryn Davis Advanced International Studies travel grant to edit and report ne...ws in Istanbul, Turkey. He has been awarded for his reporting on education by the Maine Press Association. Blake hopes to use his experience writing and photographing to document fly fishing in urban centers around the globe.

This summer, College of the Atlantic grad Blake Davis, 22, sets off for a year-long fly-fishing world tour courtesy of a $25,000 Thomas J. Watson Foundation Fellowship. The only requirements of the 60 coveted annual grants for ­independent study are that you leave the U.S., travel solo, and drop a progress report in the mail at least four times a year to prove that you’re alive and on topic. We asked correspondent Christian DeBenedetti, who received his own Watson Fellowship in 1996 to study the beers and brewing techniques of the world, to catch up with Davis and find out who indeed had scored the better project.
I would love to catch a tarpon. I’ve made thousands of tarpon flies, but I’ve never even seen one. I’m going to go for it in Puerto Rico with Capt.Pochy Tarpon Hombre. http://www.lighttackleadventure.8k.com/