RIO Products, industry-leading manufacturer of fly lines, leaders and tippet material, brings ConnectCore technology to the slowest sinking lake line on the market with the new InTouch Hover.

The InTouch Hover line uses ultra-low stretch ConnectCore technology to create a sensitive, slow sinking line for lake anglers. Sinking at less than one inch per second, this line is ideal for fishing just under the surface, particularly on windy days when a full floating line makes it hard to have complete control of the flies during the retrieve or hook set. The short, front-loaded head is exceptionally easy to cast making it easy to get great distance. In addition, a hang marker positioned 13 feet from the front end, helps gauge when to cast again or when to fish the hang.

A front loop on the InTouch Hover allows quick rigging, and the Extreme Slickness coating attracts less dirt and offers consistent performance cast after cast. Available in WF4SI through WF8SI, the InTouch Hover comes in olive and orange and is at any retailer for $79.95.