Paraná river allows you to fulfil the dream of fishing the three most coveted species ; Dorado, Pacú and Pira Pitá. This can scarcely be done in a few places.

To talk about Paraná is to talk about an undiscovered world, during each day it shows you how little we know it. Time after time it reveals its secrets but keeping something secret for itself. It has never ending secrets.
It challenges us to develop new fishing techniques, to use different equipments and to visit unexplored places
Grateful, and at the same time full of wonder for its immensity, diversity and natural resources and beauties.
Allowing us to fly fishing its greater species of high quality is, undoubtedly, what makes Paraná the top river of them all.
Changing and surprising waters keep us tense and stalk, making the bright fishing adventure of fly casting shine to its maximum extent, innovating, trying out taking risks.

What I meant is that we need to use our imagination, our intuition, use a certain range of techniques, heavy or light equipment, and use dry or sinking flies 

Picture this:

At times you can find yourself casting big streamers in outstanding small islands of rock that make huge streams of water trying to catch some Dorados; at others you find yourself trying to find some places to use your chernovil or the newly ututu to chase for the fast Pira Pita in small river fonts of green walls. Later on you can be in a virgin paradise, peaceful, extreme quietness and sleepy silence where the difficult and coveted Pacu inhabits.

Whenever a fly fisherman visits the Caribe, he does it with the purpose of getting his Grand Slam (Bonefish, Permit, Tarpon)

Whenever he visits High Paraná he has a great challenge to fulfill.…