I love fly fishing. These days, I do not get to ply the waters nearly as much as I would like, however the spirit of being knee-deep in a fast stream, or kicking my way around a high mountain lake in my float tube seems much closer when I design furniture to showcase my love for the outdoors.

There isn't much to my design work, really--anyone can do it. The key is to find the perfect place to pen your thoughts. My perfect place was actually give to me as a gift, and consists of a thick, rough-cut and hewn bison leather with hand-made parchment paper.

Don't have one of those lying around? No problem. The journal was given to me and, sadly, lay about collecting dust until one day I found myself thinking of fishing. Suddenly, I has sketched a drawing of a table I wished to have to showcase my love for the stream. Now the journal sits beside my bed, waiting for those fleeting thoughts each night right before I go to sleep.

Finding your special place to pen your thoughts should not be difficult. In fact, it should be natural. The next time you travel to your favorite fishing destination, stop into a local shop, the funkier the better. Find a unique place to pen your thoughts from a place far away and inspiration is sure to follow.

So what's in my design journal? It's the places I wish to travel to, or a fly pattern I wish to tie or, in this case, maybe it's the goal of designing the perfect fly tying bench. Regardless, we all want to remember our favorite sport in our own way, and a simple journal is one of the best ways to capture your imagination.

How do you keep track of your thoughts and ideas toward your favorite outdoor pursuit? Also, I would love to hear what you think makes the best fly tying bench? What elements make your tying more enjoyable and comfortable? Thanks for reading and have a great Holiday season!

You can see more fly fishing-related woodworking by visiting my blog at: http://woodworkingbyjameson.blogspot.com/ I have dozens of river-themed designs and topics and love feedback from fellow anglers!