What's my number one recommendation to anyone about to spend a day on the water? Take lots of photos! Not only will you have the cherished memories on-hand, you will also have great reference images for when you wish to replicate that trophy of a lifetime. Take this awesome steelhead, for example.

This steelhead carving will be one of the coolest 21st birthday presents ever--something my clients son will cherish forever.

Each carving I create is first hand-drawn to create the perfect reference pattern template. Next, it's transferred to the solid basswood block and the fun (and dust) begins!

Fortunately, they were able to take quite a few reference photos of the fish, which make the to-the-scale reproduction that much easier. This carving will measure 30" in length and will feature a full-carved wall mount with the lure in its mouth. The final carving will be displayed much like the image below.