Bass on the Fly
                                              By Jim Misiura
           In most water the fish see lures, often big metal or plastic lures. While these lures are very effect on fish that are aggressive, there are often many, many more fish that will respond better to slow moving bait, which has more lifelike features. Running buzz baits over or next to a bed of lillypads is fun explosive action. The fly fisher can fish a weedless mouse or frog through the same area and get the same results. Powerful explosive strikes that will raise anyone’s pulse more than a few beats per minutes. When fishing a top water lure such as buzz baits on a bass pond the buzz bait needs a constant retrieve to effect the proper action to the lure. When using a top water fly you can vary the retrieve rate from very fast to stopped. If you stop a buzz bait it sinks thus stopping the effectiveness of that bait. Fishing shallow running minnow type lures, again a steady retrieve is required. Using a shad streamer also requires a steady retrieve. But stops and pauses are better presentations while using the fly. Fishing a rubber worm can be imitated nicely with a Zonker strip worm. Although I must admit it is more effective to use a rubber worm. I do use worm flies very effectively in shallower water. It takes a slow retrieve, and attention to the fly and line at all times is a most.
         Many of us are left with no alternative but to fish public waters. Don’t be distressed about it. For the most part public water can provide excellent fishing opportunities. When fishing these high pressured lakes simply changing tactics can make a world of difference. Fishing from a kayak or personal watercraft, is one of the most productive methods an angler has in his arsenal. I have been using a personal watercraft for twenty years. I use a Tote-N-Float it is like a belly boat but sits higher in the water. Fishing from a kayak or belly boat gives the fisherman the advantage of stealth. Either method is much quieter and offers a lower human profile then fishing from a bass boat. When using a belly boat type watercraft the user propels the craft with his feet, which puts him in constant contact with his fishing gear. Your hands are always free for fishing. The drawbacks to fishing from a belly boat are, when the very thing that makes them so effective, using your feet to propel yourself through the water. Believe me it is not a lot of fun using the kick fins to take you back a half mile to the boat ramp.
       There have been many times that I have fished behind a big bass boat and been very successful. I have fished along a shoreline full of lillypads using flies, and catching the bass that were only moments before refusing any hardware from the previous angler. The flies I like to fish are top water flies. Let’s take a look at one of my most effective flies for fishing bass lakes. The Gartside Gurgler. This is very easy to tie, and tied in different colors and sizes it can imitate a wide variety of food items.

Hook: Mustad 34007
Size: 6 to 1/0
Thread: Cream (match body color)
Tail: White Bucktail (sparse)
Over tail: Pearl Krystal Flash (complement body color)
Body: 1/8” Foam
Rib: Grizzly Hackle
Step 1
 Wrap a base of thread ½ the hook shank.
Step 2
Attach a sparse bunch of buck tail with 6 or 8 strands of Krystal Flash for tail.
Step 3
Attach grizzly hackle and cut 1/8 foam 1/2 “wide 3 to 5 inches long. Cut a wedge from each side.
Step 4
Tie in foam making tight wraps to segment body. Apply head cement along shank and underbody.
Step 5
Wind hackle 2 full turns in each segment. Tie off at front of foam and trim excess hackle.
Step 6
Fold foam over body and tie off tightly. Trim thread and apply head cement to underside of head.
Step 7
Trim plow 1/2 “ahead of tie in point.

For a step by step video of this fly go to or visit my youtube channel Theflymanjim.
Good Luck & Tight Lines!