The South East winds blew pretty constantly through out the week, which churned up the water inside the shallow lagoon, giving it that “milky” affect. This murky water makes it easier to target tailing Permit inside the lagoon as we found out this week. 5 Permit were hooked this week, unfortunately 2 were lost at the end of the fight and 2 on their first run due to hooks pulling out. Rob Lewis thankfully hung onto his magnificent 13lb Permit. A modest 42 GTs were landed this week and again records were broken as Andrew Lewis landed a very impressive 125cm, 90lb GT on the flat. He did not end there as he went onto land a Triggerfish and a Bonefish that day making it an unforgettable day by rounding it off with a “Flats Slam”. What makes Astove Atoll so great is, if for some reason the fishing isn’t going so well on the outer flats due to poor weather, rough seas or unfavourable tidal movements, the lagoon is almost always fishable. Countless amounts Bones love the shallow waters and with that, GT's are naturally attracted to the concentration of food. 90% of our Permit shots come within the lagoon. So whatever the conditions, there will always be a fish to cast at be it with your 9 weight or 12 weight.

Tight Lines from the Astove Team.